Mar 24, 2009

End note ...

Hi everybody!

Sorry, this is the last entry as far as I can see – Braincast/English is on hold, at least.

With the downloads being low and my worklevel being high, it just needed an extra ill translator to give me the insight: why not use the time for something else ... I had to face it: compared to the German version, the English was a flake. Obviously we did not get the pleasere from one language to the other.

Maybe I restart again some time.
Maybe someone likes to join the project.

But for now: Bye! And thank you for listening!

Jan 31, 2009

Braincast 025 - Materialism, Buddhism and Position Definition

Episode 25 is rather personal with a look behind my mental curtain: motivation and preferences, why Buddhism pops up on a regular basis and about my biggest problem on the topic. A definition of position.

MP3 File Duration: 19:35


We start with the beautiful After all by Alexander Blu, continue with Black Coffee by Aramitsu and end smoothly with Surise by Klavar.

Jan 17, 2009

Braincast 024 - Hard-headed

Planing, acting and, most of all, inhibiting – those are the main tasks of the prefrontal cortex. Additionally it has peer-to-peer connections to emotion- and social related areas. So this episode is about that part of the brain, that makes us human. An episode including bad mood and good bets.

MP3 File Duration: 21:00


First song is Swallow your Head by Happy Gemini 3, followed by the beautiful Myself, 5 Minutes ago by furiousBall. Next is Alimagne and Freddy Hop: Is it Jazz? Rock? Downbeat? However, the last song is CyrusFx ist mit Wanderlust.