Dec 13, 2008

Braincast 023 - Driven by Emotion

Emotions are not just blessing or curse, they are much more. For example they are one way for the brain to talk to itself – via the body. They are the source of all our decisions. And first and foremost they are a way to survive.

MP3 File Duration: 19:00

If you are in need of something interesting to reed between christmas and new year´s eve: here are the brainy top ten of New Scientist 2008.


It´s the time to play nice and easy music, so we start smoothly with Brian Turner and Midnight Caravan, continue with the easy, autumn-like guitar of Dan Tharp and Ian and round it up with the wonderful Beautiful Wife of Al Phlipp & The Woo Team.

Nov 28, 2008

Braincast 022 - Creative perception

Part 2 about senses and perception is about how the brain deals with incoming data. It shows that some things simply are droped, while others are constructed. A braincast about roses, gorillas, blind spots and two self-experiments.

MP3 File Duration: 18:06

If you haven´t seen it yet: here is the Gorilla on the field.


A crude stylemix this time, starting ambient with Briareus and Ivory Bills, continuing jazzy with Deerfoot and 22x and ending with a downtempo Christophe Goze and About Us.

Oct 11, 2008

Braincast 018 - The underestimated animal kingdom

Man is the pinnacle of creation and shall rule the world – that´s how we like it to be. But the difference between us and those brute animals is not that big, as this braincast demonstrates.

MP3 File Duration: 15:16

Oct 4, 2008

Braincast 017 - The world out there

It the world out there would exist without us noticing, has been a heavy disput between philosophers for centuries. With "neurological constructivism", neuroscience found a position that offers great possibilities.

MP3 File Duration: 16:37

Apposite to our topic here the link to the ongoing Visual Illusion-Contests.


Outside the leaves starting to fall. But that just the world outside – I decided to have on last summerday, a complete podsafe one. We start with Summerfeeling by Dreamweaver - instrumental. Next the first Reggae in Braincast: Time by David R Merry – after all these years. We close with La Cadence by easyflow! and the rather short – too short, I think – Rio by Brian Kelly.

Jul 12, 2008

Braincast 009 - Love

Real feelings at Braincast: vital, neurological and hormonal insights about infatuation, love and being dumped. Featuring voles and fidelity, homosexuality and hypothalamus, orgasms in scanners and bad news for men.

MP3 File Duration: 19:22

Still I´m within a lazy summer (with bad weather) – expect me to be back in two weeks.

  • Lovesickness:
  • Why we love:
  • Old and young:
  • Mirror Neurons:
  • Meditation:
  • Brain Journey:
  • Mind and matter:
  • Major and minor:
  • Breathalyser:
  • Milgram, again:
  • No fooling ourselves:
  • Nature tv:
  • Baby smiling, German, e.g.:
  • Relaxation/genes
  • Nutrition:
  • Who you think of:
  • Love makes blind:
  • Computer music:
  • Implant:
  • Psychiatric genetics:
  • Frog´s selective hearing:
  • Stinking meaning:

First song is Traveler Alive from Chance´s End, second the promising Some Day I Will from Christophe Goze. The hidden track is Paul Borth with Paul in Love.

Jun 28, 2008

Braincast 008 - Basics: Braincells

This Braincast looks deep into the structure of our brain: what do brain cells look like, how do they operate, how do they communicate and – just a tiny start – how do meaning and decission emerge from that?

MP3 File

Here the link to the wonderful animation The Inner Life of the Cell.

It´s summer holiday in Germany, so every second time for eight weeks, I´m determined to be lazy.

We start with 3pm´s and DreamWonders, second is Gary and Downtempo1 and the grande finale is performed by Chance´s End and Production to Perfection.

Jun 21, 2008

Braincast 007 - The Phantom Body

Are we our body? Or does it just carry us through the world? Braincast 7 is about this internal relationship of brain, body and mind. This is much more complex than it feels like, and has some strange side-effects, e.g. an orgasm in a foot.

MP3 File

As promised the great TED-Talk with Jill Bolte Taylor talking about her stroke.

We start with the beautiful David Emeny and Black Dust and end with CRS Official and Vanish.

Jun 7, 2008

Braincast 006 - Reward System

Man is driven by emotions. So the reward system promises heavenly joy once we reach our goal. This makes it rather a motivational system – and it´s one of the best ideas of evolution.

MP3 File

Come and visit the Bionic Body Shop – the future´s so bright – I gotta wear shades ...

Btw - next week I´ll take a holiday!

Christophe Goze and People Smiling kick of this episode and DigiTube close it with Storm Brewin.

May 30, 2008

Braincast 005 - A short History of Brain Science

The brain once was a cooling system and a soul organ. It consisted of cavities and gear wheels. Today we know better for we screen even the tiniest structures. Here a brief (historical) summary of models and methods.

MP3 File

This is - as soon as Google has finished – the video with Dr. Helmut Wicht, rewarded lecturer at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität of Frankfurt, and me, dissecting a brain. So this is what it really looks like. It´s not translated yet, but ... isn´t a picture worth a thousand words ...

Our look into the history of neuroscience starts on the piano with Rob Costlow and Reflections, becomes more technical with Project M and Love´s labour and finishes very easy with the Cool Rhythm of Brian Butler.

May 24, 2008

Braincast 004 - Intelligence

One of the most important application of the brain is intelligence. In this episode we talk about definitions, benchmark data and background, about where and what for.

Carl Zimmer interviews legendary neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga on – very interesting.

We start with a wonderful piece of ambient: Katie Turner and Slow. Completely different, but wonderful as well: Eve from Jr. To avoid becoming to slow, next a rather untypical song from Dreamweaver, called The Rhythm / Club Mix. We finish quitly and beautiful with Katzengold and Strandgut.

May 17, 2008

Braincast 003 - Emotional and other blindnesses

Between mind and brain there is room for different kinds of blindness. Some, like the face blindness – base on structural damage. Others – like emotional blindness – are grounded on lacks in parenting. In this episode we discuss both.

This weeks link goes to reading pigeons – one of Skinner´s tricks, as important as overhyped in that time.

The titles of this episode are the more than wonderful Piano Moods of Project M – one of my all time favorites and great to write with. The second title is Calling Earth with Transmission.

May 10, 2008

Braincast 002 - Signal and Noise

Why do we have a brain at all? Not everybody needs it and it just burns up a lot of energy. But apart from our own body we have to deal with the world, have to decode it´s signals from all the noise ...

This weeks links are
- the free downloadable CIA book Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
- the UCLA Advanced Neuroimaging Summer School-podcast on iTunes U (via)
- the great company Despair, inc. (via) - have fun!

We start with the wonderful Deep Sea Dust and Surftech. Second a little jazz from DigiTube and Movin ­– you can even buy it. The last title is Shinny & Happy from Beats – not their best piece of music, but perfectly short.

May 3, 2008

Braincast 001 - Braincast one

Braincast is the podcast on the frequency of mind and brain. Episode one is a short description of what we are up to.

Here the Link to Barry Schwartz in a TED-Talk about The Paradox of Choice.

Just two titles to start with: one of my podsafe-favorites DigiTube with Vintage Keys and Budha Building with So easy (instrumental) - good music for writing as well.