Jun 28, 2008

Braincast 008 - Basics: Braincells

This Braincast looks deep into the structure of our brain: what do brain cells look like, how do they operate, how do they communicate and – just a tiny start – how do meaning and decission emerge from that?

MP3 File

Here the link to the wonderful animation The Inner Life of the Cell.

It´s summer holiday in Germany, so every second time for eight weeks, I´m determined to be lazy.

We start with 3pm´s and DreamWonders, second is Gary and Downtempo1 and the grande finale is performed by Chance´s End and Production to Perfection.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
I have been listening to your English series and I love them!

Unfortunately, this episode (#8 - Braincells) links to the wrong episode (it links to the one about Love).

Can you please offer the correct link to the Braincells episode?

Other than that, FANTASTIC series! Keep up the great work.

- Anthony, Toronto, Canada.