Mar 24, 2009

End note ...

Hi everybody!

Sorry, this is the last entry as far as I can see – Braincast/English is on hold, at least.

With the downloads being low and my worklevel being high, it just needed an extra ill translator to give me the insight: why not use the time for something else ... I had to face it: compared to the German version, the English was a flake. Obviously we did not get the pleasere from one language to the other.

Maybe I restart again some time.
Maybe someone likes to join the project.

But for now: Bye! And thank you for listening!


Al Foote III said...

I just discovered you and now you go on indefinite hold. I quickly became a big fan and am even more quickly sad.

Here's hoping that it becomes worthwhile for you to share again. My high-school German can't quite hold up to the technical depth :)

Anonymous said...

that sucks, this was my favorite podcast and made walking to work fun. It was also going to be part of my physio psych class syllabus next semester. think about continuing please. thanks.

Fatuous O. Hades said...

I've been wondering where you went. I am sorry that time does not permit for the English version.

For what it is worth, I very much enjoyed your podcast. Your depth of explanation was just at my level of understanding.
Good health and good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is such a shame. I've listened to probably a hundred different podcast feeds and yours was the best. I can imagine that producing your podcast would have been time-consuming simply because the quality was so high. I only hope that more people can discover Braincast to make it worth your while to continue again.

Thank you so much for the delights you created.


Arvid Leyh said...

Thank you all for your friendly comments!

Still I don´t got the time, but if someone likes to join me – by now there are 157 German episodes, just waiting to be translated and produced. I´m open for cooperation and would be glad to do so.

Hazem said...

It's such a shame to see such an incredibly useful podcast be put on hold. It was one of (if not the) favorite podcasts. I would love to be of service, if you have english translations that need to be produced and published. I can't speak german. Tell me if I can be of help.

Arvid Leyh said...

Thank you Hazem!

I will keep that in mind. The trickiest part is the translation – in the existing episodes we lost some of the humor, and I don´t have an affordable and good translator right now. But once I restart I´d love to contact you, if you leave me your mail.

Mine is arvid.leyh (at) t-online (dot) de

Hazem said...

My email is

I will be searching for german translators with the appropriate technical background, although that could be unlikely in my social network in Egypt..

Will keep you updated..

Anonymous said...


to get listening rates up, mayb u link ur english podcast to this site

love ur cast : )

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I just discovered your awesome podcast and became a huge fan of it.
You see to touch all the interesting topics and your explanations are pretty clear.

It's a shame that you don't have the time or resources to continue this project at the moment.

Btw. I'm a native german speaking guy, with a technical background. Not necessarily neuro-technical. But if you like, you could send me a transcript of one of your episodes andI can try to translate it :)

Unknown said...

I loved this podcast. It was so enlightening and entertaining - I hope other English speakers discover it - so it is worthwhile continuing.