Jun 7, 2008

Braincast 006 - Reward System

Man is driven by emotions. So the reward system promises heavenly joy once we reach our goal. This makes it rather a motivational system – and it´s one of the best ideas of evolution.

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Come and visit the Bionic Body Shop – the future´s so bright – I gotta wear shades ...

Btw - next week I´ll take a holiday!

Christophe Goze and People Smiling kick of this episode and DigiTube close it with Storm Brewin.


DigiTube said...


Nice to hear your podcast in English.
I must go back and get the early 1-5 shows. Please keep looking for new material from DigiTube. Glad to see you use it regularly.

Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Hi, many thanks - my favourite podcast. I'm so grateful you produce in English. Where do you find all that cool stuff ...

Arvid Leyh said...

@ greywolf

Thank you – writers need good feedback :)
I´m a science writer doing this for 10 years now – my database is quite stuffed. I just rearange and translate.